Jorgensen Land Management is an Oilfield Reclamation, Remediation, and Construction company based out of Olds Alberta, and active in central, eastern, and southern Alberta.

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Owned and operated by Dave Jorgensen of Olds Alberta, he has brought over 37 years of oil and gas and environmental experience to this company. JLM works closely with clients, landowners, contractors, government agencies and aboriginal groups to make reclamation, remediation and restoration processes progress smoothly with practical strategies. Jorgensen Land Management (JLM) is committed to providing professional, efficient, and cost-effective solutions to land reclamation needs while preserving the natural environment. JLM's goal is to offer competitive rates that can offer a cost effective approach to manage suspended well sites and abandoned programs. JLM has a personnel strategy that selects technicians, coordinators, analysts and professionals that have extensive experience in a variety of oil and gas activities and have strong agricultural backgrounds.
JLM remains an average size company in order to consistently offer the same high quality results that we have produced for almost 30 years. JLM does remediation; planning, in situ treatment and disposal of hydrocarbon, salt, sterilant and trace metals. Call Jorgensen Land Management for wellsite and facility construction. Jorgensen Land Management does Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments which include detailed investigations of the past and current activities on the property. This is required prior to land acquisition. This site is under the management of the Orphan Well Association.
JLM has decades of experience & expertise managing annual vegetation programs and vegetation control to improve operations, reduce risk, and meet safety & environment standards. Jorgensen Land Management does detailed Site Assessments, reclamation applications and lease surrenders on aboriginal lands. Besides construction and reclamation, Jorgensen Land Management is an emergency spill response company, providing innovative environmental services for the energy sector, construction, and transportation industries. JLM helps water well owners manage and protect their wells and common groundwater supplies. In 1999, Dave incorporated Jorgensen Land Management (JLM) and manages and coordinates a team of environmental professionals that complete various environmental projects within Alberta and Saskatchewan.
Jorgensen Land Management (JLM) does pre-site assessments as well as Phase 1, 2 and 3 Environmental Site Assessments. Based out of Olds, Alberta JLM is a Construction, Reclamation and Remediation company that restores well sites and associated facilities with a turn key abandonment site management program. JLM does Phase 1, 2, and 3 ESAs, environmental site assessments that is a report prepared for a real estate holding that identifies potential or existing environmental contamination liabilities. Reclamation is what JLM does when they rehabilitate a disturbed site for a new, useful purpose. Remediation is done when we treat hazardous material to reduce or eliminate harm to human or environmental health. JLM can help with soil and groundwater remediation, assessment and reporting, risk management reports.

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